Bijoyeta Das and Jolanta Steciuk

2012 fellows Bijoyeta Das and Jolanta Steciuk on the Columbia campus

Based at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR), the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA) is a convening body which aims to facilitate exchange among scholars, advocates, and organizations dedicated to historical dialogue and accountability.

AHDA brings together academics, representatives of civil society organization, journalists, educators and artists as well as policy makers who all pursue historical dialogue in conflict, post-conflict and post-dictatorial societies. They address the political ramifications of the historical legacy of conflicts, as well as the role and impact of the memory of past violence on contemporary politics, society and culture. These ramifications often continue to haunt contemporary societies and the memories that shape the identities of protagonists in numerous conflict and post-conflict countries around the world. AHDA builds networks and facilitates comparative as well as interdisciplinary dialogue among its members.

Download our 2013 program report.

Call for Papers: Present at AHDA Alumna-Organized Conference in Cyprus

Apply to present at a conference organized by AHDA alumna Daphne Lappa in Nicosia, Cyprus, to take place December 18-20, 2014. This international conference, entitled, "Historical Culture in Divided Societies. From Theory to Practice," is co-organized by the International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography (ICHTH) and The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR). For more information, click here.

AHDA Project in the News

AHDA alumna Tammi Sharpe speaks about work on her AHDA project, "Reconciling with the Past: The Legacy of Segregation," in an interview with a local Birmingham paper.

AHDA Alumna Hosts NGO Coneference

Check out AHDA Alumna Mikang Yang and her International NGO History Forum's June conference, "Strengthening of transnational NGO networks for historical reconciliation and peacebuilding in East Asia"!

Overview: Cham Dialogue in Albania

Click here for an overview of the ongoing dialogue efforts regarding the Cham issues and the recent efforts to raise awareness about Cham issues, to promote mutual understanding, and lay the groundwork for justice and reconciliation.

AHDA 2013 Fellow Presents Paper on Kurdish Oral History

AHDA 2013 fellow Serhat Cacan will be presenting his oral history work, "Kurdish Mothers Narrate Their Children" at the European Oral History Conference in Barcelona, July 8-13, 2014.

AHDA 2012 Fellow Co-Authors Issue of Humanitarian Law Center Bulletin

Check out the fourth issue of the bulletin ACCESSION towards JUSTICE, published by the Humanitarian Law Center and AHDA 2012 fellow, Sandra Orlovic.

Program Overview

Historical dialogue remains an underutilized mechanism for addressing conflict. Prominent activists and academics in conflict and post-conflict countries engaged in the process of historical dialogue share similar challenges, including minimal dialogue between like-minded peers, often a result of geographical and political isolation; insufficient exchange between disciplines who work under the umbrella of historical dialogue; limited knowledge of best practices; little access to available resources, including funding opportunities and conferences; and a lack of a recognized and clearly defined field with which those working on historical dialogue can identify.

The AHDA Program seeks to respond to these challenges through a number of initiatives.


2012 AHDA Fellows and Panela Graham

2012 fellows are introduced to the archival collection at Columbia by the librarian for the Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research, Pamela Graham.

The Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory brings together scholars and practitioners concerned with historical dialogue, justice and memory in societies in which past and present conflicts or historic wrongs impinge on the present; as a network, it encourages interdisciplinary, transnational and comparative research and advocacy on issues relating to the memorialization and historicization of conflicts and historic wrongs, historical and transitional justice, the promotion of sustainable peace and participatory democracy, and reconciliation and historical dialogue. It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge across the divides of academic institutions, disciplines and fields, of national and local contexts, and of theory and practice. The Dialogues is a joint initiative of the Historical Justice and Memory Research Network (HJMRN), housed at the Swinburne Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology, in Melbourne, and of the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA) at Columbia University.

Fellowship for Historical Dialogue and Accountability

The application for the 2014 Fellowship is now open! Click here to apply.

Established in 2012, the fellowship enables seven to ten practitioners of historical dialogue and accountability from conflict, post-conflict and post-dictatorial societies to engage in both training and academic study at Columbia University. Practitioners of historical dialogue include representatives of civil society organizations, journalists, filmmakers and artists. The aims of the Fellowship are to build a network of historical dialogue advocates, to foster a dynamic academic environment for Fellows to initiate and develop new projects, and to facilitate discussion about the past in their respective societies. Learn more about the fellowship program.

AHDA Annual Conference

Professor Klaus Neumann and 2012 AHDA Conference

Professor Klaus Neumann, one of the speakers on the plenary session of the conference, speaks on “History, Memory, Justice.”

Beginning in 2012, AHDA holds an annual conference that seeks to bring affiliates together, many for the first time. These scholars and activists are given the opportunity to present their projects, scholarly papers, and case studies. The conference provides a space for networking, opportunities to share knowledge and experiences, and to consider the state of the field of historical dialogue, and the directions it should take in the future. The conference is a joint initiative between AHDA, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research, and their jointly founded Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory Network. The 2013 conference, "Historical Justice and Memory: Questions of Rights and Accountability in Contemporary Society," took place December 5-7, 2013. For more information, click here. Our next annual conference, "Human Rights and Memory," will be hosted by the Center for European Studies and the Human Rights Studies division at the Department of History, Lund University, Sweden. To download the Call for Papers, where you can find more information, click here.


The Dialogues network is working with Columbia University’s Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research, a repository for the archives of major human rights organizations, including Amnesty International USA and Human Rights Watch to enhance the visibility and accessibility of these collections through high-profile programs, collaborative projects and library services. AHDA affiliates will have the ability to both digitally preserve documentation of their work in the archives, as well as have the opportunity to learn from materials stored by fellow affiliates.


The Institute for the Study of Human Rights is grateful to the following for their generous support of the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability Fellowship Program:

Armenian General Benevolent Union
Gulbenkian Foundation
Robert Bosch Foundation
Open Society Foundation - Turkey
Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life (Columbia University)
Robert Bosch Foundation
Open Society Foundation - Turkey
Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life (Columbia University)
Whitney M. Young
Robert Bosch Foundation
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA)


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